People of Color Environmental Professionals: Profiles of Courage and Leadership

People of Color Environmental Professionals:
Profiles of Courage and Leadership

A database created by JEDSI
At the school of the environment

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Deputy General Counsel for Environmental Initiatives
United States Environmental Protection Agency
Executive Director
Conservación ConCiencia
Founder & President, Blacks of the Chesapeake Foundation
Chesapeake Foundation
Adams, Dawn Hill
Founder and Co-President
Tapestry Institute
Adegoke, Jimmy
Professor of Geosciences
University of Missouri
Adelzadeh, Mary
Program Officer
First Nations Development Institute
Agrawal, Arun
Samuel Trask Dana Professor
School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan
Aguilar, Andres
Assistant Professor
California State University, Los Angeles, Department of Biological Sciences
Dean, College of Environmental Design
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Alexander, Claudia
In Memoriam
Ali, Mustafa Santiago
Executive Vice President
National Wildlife Federation
Founding Member & Executive Director
People Organized in Defense of Earth and Her Resources
Alonso, Alfonso
Managing Director of Field Programs
Smithsonian Institution
Anderson, Rhonda
Environmental Justice Organizer
Sierra Club
Anthony, Carl
Founder of Breakthrough Communities
Earth House Center
Appiah-Opoku, Seth
University of Alabama, Department of Geography
Aragon, Don
Executive Director
Wind River Environmental Quality Commission
Bagasra, Omar
Professor of Biology, Director
Claflin University, South Carolina Center for Biotechnology
Bailey, Kenneth
Federal Scientist (Retired)
Bailey, Kim Moore
President & Chief Executive Officer
Justice Outside
Baker, Shalanda
Director of the Office of Economic Impact and Diversity and Secretarial Advisor on Equity
United States Department of Energy
Balogun, Kemi
Executive Director
Center for Environmental Citizenship-EnviroCitizen
Banerjee, Hirendra
Elizabeth City State University, Natural Sciences
Baptiste, April
Associate Dean for Global and Local Initiatives; Professor
Colgate University

About the People of Color Environmental Professionals Database

Yale School of the Environment’s Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Sustainability Initiative (JEDSI) is honored to share the updated People of Color Environmental Professionals database. The database features profiles of courage and leadership from individuals in the United States who contribute to the environment, health, climate justice, and related fields. These profiles were written with source materials from interviews and surveys conducted by Dr. Dorceta Taylor’s staff, personal and academic websites, and other publicly available online information. This is the third iteration of the project.  

The first compilation was published by the Minority Environmental Leadership Development Initiative (MELDI) in 2005, and the second by Vision for a Sustainable Environmental Future (VSEF) at the University of Michigan in 2016. 

Additional research, writing, compilation, and amendments by: Dr. Dorceta E. Taylor, Meg Daupan, Katherine Allison, Claire Nichols, Lily Fillwalk, PwintPhyu Nandar, Te’Yah Wright, Dr. Haille Rae, Dr. Carla Dhillon, and Tabitha Sookdeo. 

Special thanks to Teona Williams, Maren Spolum, and Latonia Phillips for their work writing and building the previous versions of this project. 

Email with questions and comments.